Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Abandoned Babies...

These three brothers were abandoned in a rural area, not too far from our farm. They were taken in by a couple who came out to our farm and asked if we would take them.
We explained that we would -- but we would really appreciate some donations to help defray the costs of caring for each baby. The couple readily agreed, and said they could get us lots of dog food and that they could get us some round bales of hay for the horses and cows.
We explained about Smiling Dog Partners and how important they are to maintaining our operations. Our partners agree to donate a regular amount every month. Our website has a donations page where they can select an amount for a monthly "subscription", and it will automatically be drafted every month by Paypal, so they don't have to remember to write us a check. Partners can sign up for $10/month, or more if they prefer.
The couple agreed that they would be happy to help us out and would sign up as Partners, if we would just take these puppies.
And so the couple returned next day with the puppies -- and a single bag of dog food. And we have not seen or heard from them since. Which is sad, but not unusual. People often "forget" about their promises to support us, once they unload their dogs and move on.
Fortunately for these three beautiful babies, they are now in a safe place. They are part of our New Directions Adoption program, and we hope to find caring families for each boy.
And while they are lilving here, waiting for their families, they have their play yard to race around in, and chase one another. The brothers are energetic and playful. They give wonderful kisses, too!
In the top photo, they are from left to right Gerald, Edwin and Wilfred. They seem to be beagle/hound mixes. I don't think they will grow to be more than 30-40 lb, if even that. These are happy, gregarious puppies who love to run and want to explore.
If you might be interested in adopting one of these babies, you can email us at Intake@smilingdogfarms.org . I will pass your information on to one of our adoption partners, who will arrange a home study.

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