Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Romeo & Juliet, A Love Story

Pictured above are Juliet, on the left, and Romeo on the right. They were found wandering a Houston neighborhood, very much in love with one another and very much attached to one another... and Juliet was very much pregnant!
Jodi, an independent rescuer, had to coax them for several days before she could win their trust. She went to the internet and spread the word that she had rescued these two, bonded dogs who need to stay together -- and that the girl is pregnant. This is the time of year when most rescues are full, so Jodi turned to Smiling Dog Farms for help, and we agreed to help them.
Romeo is definitely not fond of people. At least he doesn't seem to like any of us around here! Juliet is more friendly, but she is swayed by Romeo -- so if she allows someone to pet her, Romeo is johnny-on-the-spot to remind her that people are not to be trusted, and she quickly toes the line!
Because Romeo is so very people aggressive, it is unlikely he and Juliet will be adoptable.
You can see their family below their photo. Juliet gave birth to three boys and three girls, who are now four weeks old. In another couple weeks, when they have teeth and are not dependent on Juliet any more, we will bring them inside and start preparing them for adoption.
Juliet has been an excellent mom. She made a nest for her babies in their cottage,. And Romeo has been very protective of his babies. It took several of us to divert Romeo's attention so that the puppies could all be brought inside. (They didn't just get their pictures taken; they also got some wormer!)
While we were worming them, we put the first two who were finished in the egg basket -- actually to keep them separated so we would know who was done and who still needed wormer. But it was too cute a picture not to take it. So here it is. Puppies in the egg basket.
Anyone who is interested in adopting one of these precious puppies can email us at and we will contact you when they are ready to be placed. One of our adoption partners will do the homestudy for us.
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