Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Harold, Victim of Stereotyping

Harold is from Los Angeles. He has a winning personality. He likes people and other dogs, and he tries really hard to please.

In spite of all these qualities, he was continually passed by for adoption at the shelter -- primarily because he is a "pit bull"...

Harold was out of time at the shelter, and would have been euthanised, when Robert Cabral from Bound Angels stepped in to save him. Robert contacted other concerned people in Southern California who did not want to see Harold die, and from their contributions, Robert raised enough money to put Harold on a plane and send him to Smiling Dog Farms. If you put your cursor on the cartoon story above and click, it will enlarge it so you can read it!

There is so much disinformation in the public domain about this unfairly maligned breed. You can see from his photo, working on a chew bar on the bed, that he is just a normal dog. He is not aggressive, nor is he a danger to anyone or anything. Harold wags his tail at other dogs, and enjoys playing with them. He gives great big kisses and loves to be held.

Harold is in our New DIrections Adoption Program. We know that he will make an exceptional companion for someone or some family with experience around pit bulls -- who understand that they are some of the most loving, loyal dogs around!

And until he finds that special family, he is safe and happy here at the farm!

Jay Hellerich, executive director
smiling dog farms
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