Tuesday, January 11, 2011

John & Yoko Escape Breeder Hell... Need Family

This is John and Yoko... two young shitzus, approximately two years old. They came to us from a rescuer who got them from a breeder.
When they arrived, their hair was long and matted. In fact, they smelled so badly, we had to drive them back to the farm with the window down in the car!

Because they had not been socialized, they were skittish and afraid around people. In spite of that, they had to go visit Dan's Waggin' Tails Grooming in Bay City right away. We had to get all the matted, smelly hair off them! Dan and his wife, Jackie, are good friends of Smiling Dog Farms and take good care of our babies who require grooming!

As you can see, they came out looking like real shitzus! They are living with my son at his house, so they are snug and warm during this cold spell. And they are learning to trust humans and not be so fearful.
We are hoping to find a family who will take both John and Yoko together. They are brother and sister and have been together their entire lives. The one constant that they could count on was each other. We can't take that away from them!
We have Adoption Partners in many different cities across America, so if you know someone who would be interested in adopting these two, please have them contact us at Intake@smilingdogfarms.org .

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