Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here's Johnny....

How many of you remember me? I'm Johnny. I came from a shelter in Texas. I had a really bad case of mange. I guess you can tell from this photo. No one wanted me. Because of my mange.
A rescue worker named Seanna sent emails to other rescues, begging them to take me so I would not be euthanized at the shelter. She was having no luck finding a rescue willing to take a dog like me.
Then she contacted Smiling Dog Farms to see if they would take me, mange and all. And Ricky and Jay said "Yes"!
Here I am getting my first sulphur bath. Ricky and staff members gave me these baths once a week for a couple of months. You can see how bad the mange had gotten. I had open, bleeding sores all over my body. I kept scratching myself to try to alleviate the torment of the mange mites.
In addition to the sulphur baths, I got Ivermectin shots once a week, and the sores were treated with Nu Stock sulphur paste every day.
At the farm, I was also given Petinic, a liquid vitamin to build up my blood and my immune system. Every day. I am still taking it! Ricky and Jay say it is good for me and will help me to continue to grow stronger.
You can see my progress in this photo. My fur was starting to grow back and I was putting on some weight. I felt a lot better, and I was not scratching much at all. I guess those sulphur baths work!
Well here I am today. Some change, huh? I have a nice coat of fur and no more sores! I am standing in front of one of the new townhouses and play yards, they are building here at the farm. They are really nice! Ricky and Jay tell me there is a Chip In being circulated, trying to raise money to build one of these fancy new townhomes for me!!! I can hardly wait to have one of my own! You can go to my Chip In at http://smilingdogfarms.chipin.com/johnny
Jay asked me to pose for this photo below. He wanted to contrast what I look like today, with the sad picture of me at the shelter at the top. I tried to keep a straight face, but I couldn't help but laugh! That's why my tongue is sticking out! Ha ha!! I am just happy that Smiling Dog Farms said "yes" and gave me a second chance at life!
Ricky and Jay said that I am adoptable. That means that they are trying to find a family just for me. I'm not really fond of other dogs, and I have to admit that I really don't like cats at all! But I am hoping to find a family where I can be their "only" dog -- and no cats! Ha ha!

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dallasmsl said...

Thank you for posting this wonderful story. This is the reason why I continue to contribute as much as I can. Smiling Dog Farms is my favorite charity.