Monday, February 7, 2011

Year End Fundraiser Finally Winds Down...

Our Year End Fund Raiser has come to a close.

Including Paypal donations and checks we picked up at the Post Office, you donated $1225 today!
That means we came to within $2853 of making our goal. That is pretty amazing, considering how much money we needed to raise.

We also had two new monthly sponsors sign up today for a total of $25. That means we got to within $630 of our goal for new sponsors.

Thank You, everyone!

All of you who make up Team Smiling Dog... who are always ready to help our dogs... YOU make it possible for Smiling Dog Farms to exist. We would literally not still be here if not for YOU!

We sincerely appreciate and welcome to the Smiling Dog Farms family everyone who became a monthly sponsor and everyone who donated during this Fundraiser.

And it is hard to find words to express just how much we appreciate those of you have have been part of Team Smiling Dog all along. We have come a long way, together, with your help!

Your donations really do save lives.

We look for 2011 to be our best year yet.

Going into this new year, we have two active Adoption Partners who are helping find quality families for our adoptable dogs.

We have an incredible website, packed with information.

We have a building program to slowly replace the older cottages with the new townhome and play yard model.

You ... the members of Team Smiling Dog... have made all this possible by sharing our dream, and believing, as we do, that all dogs deserve to live.

Thank you for making our Year End Fundraiser a success!

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