Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buddy Snuggles Under Covers to Stay Warm!

It really got cold around here yesterday! I'm a Florida dog and I am not accustomed to this kind of weather!

You can see that I was one of the dogs who came inside last night because of the weather. Ricky and Jay said that all the smaller dogs, the older dogs and dogs like me who have issues that make us more vulnerable had to come inside. I am a cancer patient, so I could not risk staying out in the cold!

Most of the dogs who came inside stayed in kennels stacked in the living room and bedrooms and hall... but I got to spend the night in the bed! The covers really felt good!

Everyone who works here at the farm was working extra hard and extra long hours today, to make sure that everyone had a soft, cushiony puff to curl up in, and that the extra partitions were installed on the housing to keep dogs out of the cold night air.

We all got to go out today and play in the sunshine, even though it was still pretty cold. But it felt good to breathe the fresh air for a while and have a chance to run and play.

Tonight, we did the same drill as last night. We are back in the house to stay warm.

I heard Ricky and Jay saying that this cold spell is now looking like it is going to last longer than we first thought yesterday. So I guess we will just keep doing what we have been doing until the weather breaks and it feels like Texas here again!

I saw on the Weather Channel tonight that it is even going to be cold in Florida tomorrow and the next few days!

I thought we were supposed to be having Global Warming!

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