Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ed Has Been Going Over the Books...

My family brought me to Smiling Dog Farms from Dearborn, Michigan a while back. I have a cottage and an oversize play yard that I share with my friend, Ilse. She is kind of shy. I could not get her to join me for this photo. (And, no, that is not a funky hat I am wearing. That is our bed that we moved outside our cottage. Bad camera angle!)

I am one of the dogs who would not be alive without Smiling Dog Farms. There was just no one else, no other rescue or group willing to take me, because of my bite history!

I need to talk to you today about finances at the farm.

Today is the absolute last day of the Year End Fundraiser. It should have ended January 1. But we had not reached our goal, and American Dog Rescue offered a second $2500 Matching Grant, to try to get us over the top. (A friend of Smiling Dog Farms had offered a $2500 Matching Grant in December.) These matching grants each turned $2500 in donations into $5000 in new funds!

So we extended our Fundraiser through January. And then one last time to today, Monday, February 7. In hopes we would raise the money we need.

Sunday, you donated $100, which reduced the amount we still need to $4078. Thank you!

And we got one new sponsor for Blue, and another existing sponsor for Blue increased their monthly donation. That is a total of $20 in new monthly donations, reducing our goal to $655. Thank you!

Today is pretty much going to be it. We can't keep dragging this out. Whatever we have by the end of today will determine which programs we keep, and which ones have to wait until we can fund them.

Most of you who are reading this have already donated... or you are a regular monthly donor... or you are both!

We can't ever emphasize enough how important you are to our core mission. You are the reason we are still here, helping the dogs who have no where else to go. Quite literally, without you there would be no Smiling Dog Farms! We owe our very existence to you and your continuing support. Thank you does not seem adequate to express our appreciation.

We try to keep our fundraising efforts down to just three major events each year. No one likes to always be asked for money. And we don't like asking for it. So we will "give it a rest" after today.

If you know someone who might be willing to help us today... to keep chipping away that that $4000 we still need... please send this on to them.

All donations are fully tax deductible because Smiling Dog Farms is a 501c3 non profit corporation.

You can make a donation, or sign up as a regular monthly sponsor at

If you have already donated... or already donate as a regular monthly sponsor... or have already gotten a friend to donate, THANK YOU! We are not asking you to donate again!

But if you know someone who might want to help, please pass this along to them.

We are still hoping for a $4000 day! All the dogs and me have been barking it up for a BIG final day that will put us over the top!

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