Friday, February 18, 2011

Titan from Seattle Suns Himself at the Farm

Titan must have wondered if he had gotten on the wrong plane, when he arrived here a couple weeks ago and the temps dropped into the 20s and 30s!

We had promised him Florida-like weather! Our unprecedented cold spell is hopefully a part of history, now. We should never see anything like that again!

Today was more like it. Our high was 73 degrees, and our overnight low will drop down to 62 degrees. This is what we expect from winter, around here!

Titan got into trouble back home in Seattle. He bit someone. Technically, two people, but in one incident. Let me describe what happened and you tell me who was to blame!

Titan was on a walk with his new family. A jogger came running up from behind, intently texting and not really watching where she was going. She ran right into Titan, before she noticed him!

Titan was startled to have someone come up from behind and push right into him! A stranger, no less! So he turned around and he bit her. Because he felt attacked!

In the melee, he also bit a man who was trying to help the jogger.

Well, Titan was declared a dangerous dog. His friend Sevia went to work to find a safe haven for Titan, so that he would not have to be put down. She made a lot of phone calls and had a lot of disappointments. It seemed like there was no organization that would take a dog with a bite history, like Titan.

Then Sevia found Smiling Dog Farms. She called and told us Titan's story and asked if we would be willing to take him here. And we said "yes"!

Fortunately, the folks at Seattle Animal Control go above and beyond to help families find a safe place for their dogs who have been declared dangerous. Working with Sevia, they made arrangements for Titan to get a health certificate and an airline approved crate so he could fly to Texas. They even drove him to the airport!

I can say that we are proud of our partnership with Seattle Animal Control and consider them to be one of the most dog-oriented shelters in the nation. We have already accepted another Seattle dog who would have been put down if the folks at Seattle Animal Control had not intervened and suggested our program to the owner! Seattle AC follows all the rules, but they really care about the dogs.

Sevia paid for Titan's townhome and play yard, and she is working to find monthly sponsors to help pay for the day-to-day costs for Titan.

Titan is just glad he had a safe place to come, where he can spend the rest of his days without fear of being put down -- even if he bites us! lol

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