Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's UN-Dog on the Blog: Alma Cow

Hi everyone... my name is Alma... I told Jay that I was going to write the Blog today, because someone has to remind people that Smiling Dog Farms isn't just for dogs!
That's me on the left with Jay when I was just a baby. I was only a day old when I came to Smiling Dog Farms. My mommy had no milk to give me, and I was hungry! So Jay and Ricky took turns feeding me with a bottle every four hours.
They used to let me come into the house when it got cold outside. And sometimes, they would put me into the back of the station wagon so I could ride in the car with them! It was a lot of fun, but I guess I sort of outgrew it!
You can see from my current photo on the right that I have grown since the days when I would fit into the station wagon. They say I weigh 1000 pounds, but I think they are exaggerating... I don't feel a pound over 800!
I am light on my feet and I can still dance when I get excited -- which is pretty much whenever they bring my cow pellets or a fresh bale of hay for me! I like to rub up against Ricky and Jay, like a cat might do... and I sometimes even give them kisses with my big, scratchy tongue.
So when you think about Smiling Dog Farms, don't forget that we are NOT all dogs around here! Some of my best friends at the farm are donkeys and horses and sheep and pigs.
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