Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's Dog on the Blog: Susie is our Newest Arrival!

Here is the newest resident of Smiling Dog Farms -- Susie, who came all the way from Georgia!

Susie's story is a sad one. She had a wonderful family who loved her and took good care of her. One day, Susie was napping in her own back yard, minding her own business, when the next door neighbor boy accidentally hit his baseball over the fence, into Susie's yard.

The boy climbed the fence -- with his ball bat still in his hand -- and startled Susie from a sound sleep. Seeing someone who did not belong in her yard with what looked like a menacing weapon to her, she did what any dog would do to protect her family -- she bit him! And that got her into all kinds of trouble, forcing her to leave her home and her family.

Here at Smiling Dog Farms, we have a saying: Some people need to be bit.

Susie arrived here Saturday. Everyone involved in her transport fell in love with her. So did we!

Susie is as gentle and non-aggressive as you can hope for in a dog. She is in a new place surrounded by people she does not know, and yet she has not shown any signs of aggression toward anyone here.

She is, however, a sad little girl who misses her family and doesn't understand what she did wrong, and why she cannot go home. We are working with her every day to convince her that she is safe here, and that the people around here love her and want the best for her.

It is our custom for new arrivals to spend their first night at the farm in our bed with us. Susie actually spent Saturday and Sunday nights with us, because we wanted to give her extra assurance that she is safe and loved.

She did perk up when we offered her some apple pie! All three of us sat in the bed eating apple pie together!! And she slept in the middle of the bed, laying up against us all night.

Susie is a wonderful pet and very well mannered in the house. We think she deserves a chance to have another family, in a community where she will not be penalized for protecting her family.

Jay Hellerich, executive director
smiling dog farms
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wharton, texas

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