Monday, June 23, 2008

Today's Dog on the Blog - California Dogs Reunited!

I' like to share a touching story of a dog family, separated and put in harm's way by humans... but happily reunited, through the auspices of Bound Angels in Los Angeles!

Jose lived with his family of dogs... April and Scotty had three pups, Cowboy, Chapito and Mickey and they all lived with Jose -- until one of them bit someone. Then all five dogs were confiscated and sent to doggy-prison, where they languished since January, 2008, each in separate cells. No habeus corpus, if you are a dog! Jose tried in vain to find someone to help him get his dogs back, because they were scheduled to be killed.

Luckily, he found Robert from Bound Angels who agreed to help. Robert brokered a deal with authorities. Jose was allowed to keep April. The other four could come live here at Smiling Dog Farms. They are once again a doggie family; Scotty and his three boys happily romp and play in their jumbo-sized play yard, just glad to be together again. Jose and April have been reunited and are still living in California.

In all candor, Scotty and his boys are not especially fond of humans. Who can blame them? They were "Jose's Dogs" and are not anxious to let anyone else get close to them. But they have clear and obvious bonds with one another, and here at Smiling Dog Farms, they will be allowed to live out their lives in safety and peace, even if they are not "social" with people.

Please take a few moments to watch this incredible video of these dogs as they make their journey home from incarceration and near-death experience!

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JIm Martin said...

great story. Thanks for what you did Jay!

Chris in prescott said...

Hi Jay, This is a gret idea! I am going to look forward every day to reading your insights about all your babies at the farm. Chris in Prescott