Monday, June 23, 2008

Today's Dog on the Blog: Sassy Debuts at Petco!

This is Sassy boy giving kisses to Ricky!! Sassy made his debut (and Smiling Dog Farms' debut )at the Sugarland, Texas Petco this past Sunday as part of our New Directions Adoption Program!

Sassy came to us from a kill shelter in another state... Audra and Dawn snatched him from the Grim Reaper's hands with literally only minutes to spare!! They organized a transport and sent him to us at Smiling Dog Farms.

You can see that Sassy boy is loving and cute -- and totally adoptable! It was for dogs like Sassy that we developed our New Directions Adoption Program. Unlike dogs who come to us because they have issues which make them unadoptable, Sassy came here because he had run out of time. He does not have any issues that would prevent him from succeeding in an adoptive home. Our New Directions Adoption Program will give him the opportunity to have a traditional family.

When he arrived, he had serious issues with his teeth! Dr. Stern, our veterinarian, removed a total of 16 teeth!! And once he got those infected and inflamed teeth out, he was a different boy!! Lots more energy!

Dodee Charlow of Princess Annie's Clan is partnering with us to do adoptions through the Sugarland Petco, where we have been approved as a Petco Foundation Partner. We have complete confidence in Dodee's due dilligence on the front end and follow up visits on the back end of adoptions. We want to make sure that our babies are going to better-than-average homes. But Ricky and I just don't have the time to wear one more hat, so it is a huge help to have qualified rescuers helping us with adoptions.

Dodee tells us she already has someone interested in Sassy boy! But it is still too early to know for sure, because she has only begun the process of interviews and vet checks that will be required before she will approve an adoption.

We are hoping to have an updated version of our website this week sometime, complete with an adoptions page showing many of the dogs here whom we think will succeed in adoptive homes.

We have not changed our primary focus, which is to provide permanent homes for dogs who have no other options because they are considered unadoptable for one reason or another. Those babies will always live with us on the farm, in safety and peace.

But we are excited that the dogs who could be adopted will now have that opportunity!

Jay Hellerich, executive director
smiling dog farms
a 501(c)3 corporation
wharton, texas

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wolfwatcher said...

GREAT job, guys!
Always know I love ya, and am behind you 100%!

Erin from Ohio Underdogs said...

I love everything about Smiling Dogs Farms. They gave sanctuary to a little pit from Cincinnati (where I live.) I found out about these guys when I was trying to help someone in New Mexico so the grassroots form of communication that we rescuers do really can work across the miles! What a gift to have these Texans working on behalf of canines. I'm super grateful for Jay & Ricky & everyone else who helps them help dogs. Glad to see Smiling Dogs is now 501c3 too. The rest of us will have to keep funneling the financial support to keep those doors open & those dogs smiling. Blessings & Gratitude! Erin from Underdogs