Saturday, July 2, 2011

Snowing in July?

This is Duke Pendegast. It looks like it has been snowing in his yard... in July!!

Actually, Duke has just dismantled another one of his puffs! You can see from his expression how proud he is of his work! lol

Doskocil Industries in Arlington, TX donated several hundred puffs and dog beds to us a year ago so that all our babies would have a soft place to sleep. Duke sleeps on his for so long, and then he decides its time to take it apart and see what's inside!

Duke is an example of a Sanctuary Dog. He cannot be placed for adoption. Hard as it is to imagine when you see him with that impish grin and his playful manner, he has bitten and mauled his mommy. And he did the same thing one day to one of our team members who went into his yard just to put Frontline on him!

Sadly, Duke is unpredictable and that makes him dangerous to live in society.

So his mommy sent him here to live out his life. It is not the same as laying on the sofa watching Oprah. But it beats taking a needle in the arm, which was his only alternative.

Here at the farm, Duke has an oversize yard his mommy bought for him and he runs and barks at the squirrels and the birds and the dogs in nearby playyards. He gets lots of stimulation.

Duke is a classic example of why Smiling Dog Farms exists. He is a dog who had no where else to go.

And I think you can see from his expression that he is pretty happy here!

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