Monday, July 4, 2011

Butters Can Relax and Be Himself Here

Butters got a rough start in life. His family had allergies to him, so he lived outside and did not get socialized like puppies normally do. After several years of living outdoors and making up his own rules, he became difficult to live with!

Melanie and her husband felt sad for Butters, and offered to take him into their home. But Butters had lived by his own rules for too long, and had no desire to conform to even minimal standards. It is not his fault... still -- it's impossible to make him part of the famly.

Butters will snarl and bite. He is not real fond of people! Melanie believes he is insecure and misunderstood. But that really doesn't change Butters' inability to adapt to living with a family.

So she asked if Butters could come to Smiling Dog Farms, and we said "yes".

Butters still is not fond of humans. But he now has a little friend who loves him, and they romp and play together in Butters' play yard.

Butters is a classic sanctuary dog. He is too unsocialized to live in society around other people. But he has a great time every day chasing squirrels and barking at the birds and playing with his new friend.

Butters is happy in his new life at the farm!

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