Sunday, June 12, 2011

Melanie Gets A Family of Her Very Own!

This is Melanie. Today she got a family of her own to love her and appreciate her forever! And it is a great family, too! Sensistive, caring people who understand and consider Melanie's feelings!

Melanie came to Smiling Dog Farms from a local shelter whose Animal Control Officer works very hard, and often on her own time, to find homes for the dogs who come into her shelter. Melanie was running out of time when we called.

We had just taken in a mommy with puppies -- and the mommy suddenly, unexpectedly died the day after arriving! The puppies were too young to wean, so we called the shelter and asked if there was a dog there who could nurse our puppies!

Luckily, Melanie was available! She came to the shelter with a litter of pups, and hers had just been removed... but she still had milk!

We dashed over to the shelter and brought home Melanie, who was the perfect surrogate mommy to that batch of puppies. She was tender and gentle with them, even though they were not her own and did not resemble her in any way.

Today, Melanie was rewarded for her kindness and gentle nature. A very special family chose her to become part of their family. A very happy ending for Melanie!

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dallasmsl said...

This is what it is ALL about!