Monday, June 13, 2011

Bosco Goes to Trail Tomorrow, June 14

Many of you have been asking about Bosco. He is the dog from Pelham, New Hampshire who ran afoul of the law for biting an officer -- but ONLY after the officer attempted to pick up Bosco! Since Bosco did not know the man, nor his intentions -- he bit him! Not a horrible, mauling kind of deep wound, but a warning bite that said, "Don't try to pick me up. I don't know you."

His trial has been postponed twice. Meanwhile, Bosco has been kept in "secret" hiding places so that no one Bosco knows can even visit him. The fact that he has been isolated by his tormentors -- the very people who want to see him dead -- worries me that their real intention is to "bait" Bosco into biting someone again, so they can point to that and allege he is just an aggressive dog! (I understand how paranoid that sounds... but keep this in mind: You are only paranoid if you imagine someone is trying to do you harm. If they actually are trying to hurt you, you are not paranoid but perceptive!)

We have a clear plan in place to help Bosco, which Bosco's attorney will be presenting to the court tomorrow. A friend has managed to get Bosco's Chip In completed, so all the money has been raised for Bosco's townhome and playyard here. We have offered to pay for Bosco's air fare. Pets In Need, a rescue in Massachusetts, has offered to pick up Bosco from the police and deliver him to the airport. We have already signed a Release of Liability so that the city of Pelham will no longer be responsible for Bosco or his behavior once they turn him over to Pets In Need. Some of our references have even provided statements for the court about our facility and our practices, so the attacks of the Police Chief from Pelham will be shown to be half-truths and outright lies to justify his bullying behavior. He has never visited the farm! Our references have!!

Please click on this link to a related story about the Pelham Police who TASERed a poor cow! As usual, we can look to John Collins and his newspaper, The Lowell Sun, for truth and honest reporting. If you have any doubts about the barbaric intent of this batch of cops, check out this story and their "reason" to taser the cow!

Someone needs to reign in these animal-abusing cops! I am shocked that the good people of Pelham are tolerating this level of behavior from their alleged protectors! The Pelham cops' refusal to let Bosco come to our sanctuary, and their subsequent refusal to keep Bosco in a neutral third party boarding facility -- as well as their treatment of this cow -- speaks volumes about their attitude toward animals!

You can write a letter to the editor to post your feelings about the Pelham PD at

You can also call the Town Administrator... ultimately he is responsible for the police chief whose department has such a deplorable track record toward animals. Call Tom Gaydos at (603) 635-2040. Urge your friends to do the same.

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