Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OUTSTANDING Editorial in Lowell Sun...

Please take a moment to read this editorial in the Lowell Sun, the largest and most influential daily newspaper along the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with readers in both states. It was written by Editor-In-Chief Jim Campanini.

Bosco supporters are going to LOVE it! Mr. Campanini says what we all have been thinking -- he just does it more eloquently than we could!

I also want to point out, again, John Collins of the Lowell Sun has written a series of stories about Bosco and his plight that have been both reasonable and fair, unlike the Channel 9 TV story told strictly from the chief's viewpoint, without telling Bosco's side.

You will smile when you read today's editorial. Then I would suggest sending a Thank You note to Mr. Campanini and Mr. Collins for telling Bosco's story truthfully and fairly. You can use the Letter to the Editor format and share your thank you by clicking on

And for all our friends in the New England region, we strongly urge you to read and subscribe to the Lowell Sun, as well as patronize their advertisers -- and let those advertisers know you are shopping there because of their ad in the Lowell Sun.

The newspaper business is getting tougher and tougher, with competition from the internet and TV. We want to make sure we support those media outlets which are not afraid to speak the truth, even in the face of pressure from powerful government leaders.

Dogs rarely get to tell their story in an unbiased way. They are not a powerful interest group and do not command large blocks of voters, to entice public officials to cozy up to them. The deck is always stacked against dogs.

All we wanted was the truth about Bosco to be told. Those of us who support Bosco's right to live just ask for all the facts to be told, fairly and responsibly.

The Lowell Sun has been an unerring voice for honesty and truth in its reporting of Bosco's story, and they have not caved to pressure from the powerful in local government. That is not easy to come by in modern America.