Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bank Account Is Running Low...

Caitlynn says, I hate to write about money, but we are running low at the bank again.

If you or someone you know could help us with a one-time donation...

or sign up as a sponsor for one of our dogs listed on our website...
that would be a God-Send right now!

Just click on http://smilingdogfarms.org/Donations_Page.html to donate or become a sponsor.

Our End of Year Fundraiser was a little anemic this year. We did not make our goal.

We have also had an unparalleled number of folks who have lost their jobs and had to cancel their monthly sponsorships with us.

I will soon be talking about our Great Hope for a Spring Fundraiser -- a Garage Sale Across America in May! We hope to get many of you and your groups to hold a garage sale the same weekend, from California to Maine, to benefit Smiling Dog Farms. We think we can raise a lot of awareness AND money by planning garage sales everywhere that same weekend!

But we have to make it from now until then!

If we could just get everyone who has sent a dog here to sign up a total of $80/mo in sponsors to pay the cost of maintaining that dog, we would be in great shape! Just 8 people at $10/mo would do the trick!

We explain this when folks ask us to take a dog. We tell them that it costs us $80/mo to pay the salaries of our five full time team members (Ricky and I do not take a dime for our work), to buy dog food and to pay for vet visits and meds, like Heartguard and flea prevention.
But so often, once the dogs are here, folks sort of forget about the cost of maintaining their dog!

If you don't have any money to send, but you'd like to help us by donating time sending out emails for us, please contact me at Intake@SmilingDogFarms.org
One time donations put money in the bank and help us get over the hump.
Monthly sponsors help us month-in and month-out with the ongoing expenses of operating a dog sanctuary and rescue like Smiling Dog Farms.
If you have donated to us, or if you are a monthly sponsor, or if you have done both,
Thank You!
We are still here, helping dogs, because of YOU
Your donations literally SAVE LIVES!

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