Monday, September 1, 2008

Dog on the Blog: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet... Zoe Is Adopted and Home!

You can just tell by looking what a happy girl Zoe is! This photo was taken of her up in Illinois, before she began her long journey to Smiling Dog Farms in Texas!

Zoe was a really good girl who just ran out of time. The folks at the shelter in Illinois all really loved Zoe and wanted her to find a home. But she had been there a long time, and there is a limit to how long a dog can stay at a shelter, because there are always new dogs coming in who also need space to live at the shelter.

Zoe's days were numbered. Our friend, Debbie Wilson in Atlanta, spotted Zoe's emails making the rounds, and she contacted us to see if Zoe might come to the farm. Debbie offered to fund raise for Zoe, and we agreed that Zoe could come here and become part of our adoption program.

Cheryl Kaminski bravely took on the task of arranging overland transport for Zoe. It is a lonnngggg way from Illinois to Wharton, Texas! Cheryl was able to set up transport for Zoe from Illinois to Missouri that first weekend. There were still some holes in the runs from Missouri to Texas, but Cheryl figured she could fill those spots during the following week.

On long transports, like this one, it is impossible for Zoe to make it all the way in one day, anyway.

Holly agreed to temporarily foster Zoe at her home in Missouri for that week, while Cheryl worked on filling the remaining legs of Zoe's journey.

But a funny thing happened during that week. Holly fell in love with Zoe, and Zoe reciprocated her feelings! Holly asked if she could adopt Zoe.

I asked my adoption partners to do a homestudy in a hurry! Holly completed an application, and then participated in a phone interview. A vet check was also done. And at the end of it all, everyone agreed that Holly was the perfect mom for Zoe.

The transport for that next weekend was cancelled, because we no longer needed it. Zoe was already home! And that was one of the fastest adoptions we have ever done!

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