Saturday, September 13, 2008

Celebrating at Smiling Dog Farms...

I am writing this a little early in the day because I am looking out the home-office window at the sun, as it is setting in the western sky! It seems impossible that a day ago we were anticipating the worst as Hurricane Ike hurtled across the Gulf toward us.

I wrote last night that it seemed like we had dodged the bullet. Today I can confirm that!

Everyone here at the farm is celebrating that the storm missed us. Jacqueline decided to dress up in her pink summer sun dress, wearing the strap provocatively low on her shoulder!

As the night passed and the hurricane relentlessly pressed across Galveston Island and then up into Houston, we were fortunate to have only a few mild rain showers, and an occasional wind gust. We lost our power very briefly around 2:00 AM -- but the generator turned itself on and in less than half an hour, we were back on the power grid. So we never skipped a beat.

This morning, the extent of the damage to the farm consisted of one tree completely knocked down and one tree with a major limb torn off. Other than leaves and twigs scattered across the property, that was the only damage!

The day dawned clear and dry. Clarence, our team leader, came in early on his day off and did a quick tour of the property. All was well everywhere. For the animals, it was an uneventful night like any other.

We are very grateful that we were spared. We realize that many of our friends in Houston and Galveston and other parts of the state did not fare as well as we did. Our hearts go out to those whose homes were damaged or destroyed, or who will live without electricity for several weeks as the massive damage from Hurricane Ike is repaired.

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