Friday, September 2, 2011

Help Jasper Win $500 on Facebook

This is Jasper. You can see what a talented and endearing fellow he is!

You can help him win $500 for the Plano Animal Shelter if you Like Jasper on Facebook.

Those of you who know me, know that I am clueless about Facebook. Many of you think I don't want to be your friend, because I haven't figured out how to accept a friend on Facebook, or much else for that matter!

But Debbie New from the Plano Animal Shelter says you can go to and "Like" Jasper.

If you know how to make Facebook work, please help Jasper and Debbie and the Plano Animal Shelter by doing whatever it is you do on Facebook to help!

Debbie tells me, "He was returned (to the shelter) because he chewed and was not housetrained. Look at what he has accomplished in just a short time!!!"

What I can tell you about Debbie and the Plano Animal Shelter is that they do an outstanding job of placing dogs, and they reserve us for only "Last Resort" situations, which is how it should be. And I can tell you that if you take a Plano Shelter dog into your rescue, the dog will come spayed/neutered, clean, healthy, up-to-date on shots -- Debbie and the Plano Shelter do an amazing job! Over the years, we have had several dogs come from Plano and all have been exceptional dogs!

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