Friday, April 15, 2011

Austin and Dinah Join Us at the Beach...

This is Dinah, on the left, and Austin, on the right. They are in the backseat of our car, after we met Deana up in Houston to pick them up. Special thanks to Deana, who drove from Centerville to Houston, and Mary Ann, who drove from Garland to Centerville, after she picked up Dinah and Austin at the Garland Shelter! And Thank You to all of you who called or emailed, offering to help Austin and Dinah get to safety! You provided an outpouring of offers to transport these special dogs who were out of time and had no where else to go!
Austin is more curious and active than Dinah.

Ricky and I are still working in Galveston on one of our rental properties, so we brought them to the beach house where we are staying for the next several days while we work here.

We have already learned that Austin is not crate trained at all! After spending the afternoon in the back yard, we put Austin and Dinah in crates while we left to run some errands. When we returned, Austin had demolished his crate and was happily running through the recreation room, amidst a sea of opened Beggin Strips bags! Dinah was content to wait patiently for us in her crate! She is a very sweet girl who is more shy than Austin.

However, once you gain her trust, if you stop petting her, she will tap-tap-tap at you to keep petting her!

Austin and Dinah came from the Garland Shelter where they were totally out of time. They have lived together their entire lives, and must be placed for adoption together. We will not separate them!

Austin's exuberance will make placing Dinah and Austin a bit tougher, because he will require a savvy, experienced family who can come up with ways to contain him! Still, it will be worth the effort to have two loving companion animals as part of the family!

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